Change Mobile Operator Becomes Easier

The mobile phone users can now change operator in ten days while keeping their number with the launch of the new system of number portability.

We waited for years, portability is now possible in just 10 days. 52 million French customers can now change mobile operator keeping the same number and in less than ten days (against 3 months before).

Since this morning, just to call a voice server (specific for each operator), after which you will receive a code via SMS which you will need to contact your new operator, who will take care of all the steps.

The different stages of the portability

• The client calls the voice server set up by the operator. He then receives a SMS on his mobile code “Record of Identity Operator” (code “RIO”) and, if applicable, the date of termination of his appointment,

• Equipped with this code RIO, the client contacts the operator informs future conditions portability

• The customer gives the seller the necessary parts at the opening of its new, and its RIO code

• The client chooses a transfer in a maximum of 10 days or such later date of their choice.

• The customer signs the mandate that gives him the seller. It will allow the new operator to terminate the line from the former operator and synchronize operations

• As soon as the former operator has validated the portability request issued by the new operator, the customer is notified via SMS from the date of transfer.
The numbers to call for his “RIO”