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She said they stabilize the vehicle and deal with any hazards. Police are usually first on scene, because they are already on the road, said Painchaud. They assess scene safety and begin diverting traffic so emergency crews can get in. They can approach the patient to determine if they are awake and breathing or unconscious. They can address bleeding or hold someone’s head until EMS can get a collar on them. As they approach, a triage condition comes into play. Achilles said they assess and treat the most severely injured first. Depending on the number of patients, first responders may decide they need additional resources and this is when they will call for them, said Thibeault. If there are multiple injuries, the will decide how to best allocate resources. They will decide who to transport first, and who is able to wait a bit. We know it’s a very scary situation, so we try to talk to the people, said Achilles. Sometimes successfully making that connection allows us to better assess the person’s condition. If further medical care will be needed, the person is carefully removed from the car and placed in the waiting ambulance. The ambulance is an intensive care unit on wheels, Achilles said. We are in communication with the hospital, letting them know what will be needed. Do they need surgery, a CT scan? They can activate their trauma team and be ready when we get there. In the meantime, we are a trauma unit and each person inside is assigned a specific task to make sure we are controlling breathing, bleeding and whatever the patient requires. We can start IV therapy, place splints and put the patient on a cardiac monitor. Exeter Hospital has a paramedic intercept service. Thibeault said not all local fire departments have paramedics always available, so they will step in to help. We can stay in touch with the emergency department and arrange a Med-Flight if needed, said Thibeault.
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