The Ins And Outs Of Using An Iphone

Many people own an iphone these days, but some don’t know the many ways it can benefit them. You aren’t alone if you don’t think you’re getting everything you can out of their iphone. Read this article to find out more about the iphone.

It is not uncommon to drop your phone in the toilet, the toilet or something wet. Rather than using a dryer, softly wipe the phone and submerge it in a plastic ziptop bag with plenty of rice.

Use your iphone to help you navigate the neighborhood.You can bookmark the map function to access with just a tap.

Make sure your phone is using the latest updates. If you are diligent about doing this, you can be more secure in the fact that your phone will not be subject to glitches and viruses. It also make you move pictures and documents to your computer. This way, if your phone is damaged, you will not lose everything.

Are you tired of all the notifications you receive on your iphone? There is a way to turn off the notifications. Check out the applications in the heading “In Notification Center” to identify apps that are not need. This will also dramatically increase the life of the phone’s battery.

A great tip to implement when using the iphone is to save pictures from those.Simply tap the picture and hold for a couple seconds. You will see a box that offers you the image.

Autocorrect Suggestion

It is unnecessary to type “.com” in the address box ,when you are surfing the web on your iPhone. You simply need to put in the main part of the address and the browser will take you to the correct site. This may not sound like very much, but you’ll soon find that this can save you a great deal of time.

It is not necessary to close out an autocorrect suggestion by pushing the ‘X’ when deleting AutoCorrect suggestions. Just tap the screen instead. This is a faster way to get rid of the AutoCorrect suggestion box and makes your life much easier.

You can message faster using this method. You can dismiss a suggested word suggestions by tapping elsewhere on your screen. You do not even have to tap the small “x” that follows the word’s end.

Are there umlauted or accents that you would like to use in your texts? A pop-up box will appear with extra keys. This place lets you to type anything you are sure to find what you are looking for.

The iPhone has a nifty little feature where you can come up with your own shortcuts and dictionary. When working with diction, this helps the phone automatically recognize what you are trying to say. Favored shortcuts and phrases can also be programmed. It will also improve your auto-correct when typing.

Functionality Issues

Always make sure your OS up to date. Apple iPhones are almost as complex as computers now, so there exists sporadic patches to repair functionality issues, security holes and functionality issues. These updates are especially important if you use your phone in top running order.

Make sure the firmware is updated on your firmware. This increases both your iphone more usable and extend the battery life. Just install iTunes on your laptop or destop and hook your device up to the machine. You can also utilize iCloud to quickly connect to an Apple computer.

You can use your iPhone as a storage device for files by downloading an app that enables you to put files onto your phone. You can use your phone for many applications like image and video uploads, file uploads and music downloads. Simply plug the iPhone into your computer to get instant access to files. Or, you could even open the right from the iPhone.

Turn the keyboard clicks on by going to the sounds setting for your phone if you wish to hear noise each time a character is entered during texting. This can help you know with a sound each time you press a button on the phone and will help eliminate mistakes you make when typing.

If your iphone accidentally falls into a liquid, do not attempt to turn it on right away. Dry off the phone first and let it sit overnight. You can permanently short circuit the phone by turning it on while wet.

Tap the status bar on the top of the page. You can use the same feature on many other long lists (such as your music library).

Did you know you can use the headphone cord to snap a photo? To start, frame the picture you wish to take. You should push the button located on your headphone cord to take the picture. Doing this will take a picture. Use your regular picture saving steps to add the picture to your camera roll.

Although iPhones may seem a bit costly, the price is actually quite reasonable when you consider that these hand-held devices are capable of performing nearly as many functions as a laptop computer. If you’re an iphone owner, you’re probably well aware of how useful your phone can be. By applying the information from this article you should be able to utilize your iphone to its fullest potential.

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